Mindful Nature Meditation

Awaken your senses and restore your calm through mindful immersion in nature.

Nature Immersion

A nature immersion experience begins by bringing our awareness to the place we gather, through centering breathing and gentle movement. We use slow, flowing movements and stretches to bring ourselves into the present moment and connect body and mind with place. We start to feel and notice, through our senses, the forest around us.

We continue our experience through mindful walking in social silence: we spend some time without conversations, checking phones, taking pictures, or fixing our minds on goals or plans. Through this slow, mindful walking, we find a place where we can practice a sensory meditation–we might use sight, or sound, or sense of touch and texture.

As we reconnect with the forest and the land, we save some time near the end of our experience to listen to and share with each other our observations, thoughts, or feelings about the experience.

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