I work with a lot of municipal volunteers and staff, they always try to make the best decision for their town, and the constant work pressure on them is intense. The mindfulness workshop we did with Jill allowed them to slow down and reconnect with their values and feelings that motivated them to volunteer or choose their town position. The feedback from participants was extremely positive and I know from talking to them the time spent in the workshop recharged them, gave them better balance, and makes them better decision makers. Steve Miller, Coastal Training Program Coordinator, Great Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve

Hi Jill, Thank you again for the special walk through the Oyster River Forest on Sunday. I really enjoyed the walk and the several meditative stops along the way. Michael Behrendt, Durham Town Planner

My recent trip into the woods of Western Massachusetts with Jill was spiritually meaningful, soothing, relaxing and surprising.  Her calm nature, knowledgeable instruction and being-in-the-woods experience felt safe and joyful.  She uses the treasures of Mother Earth, such as the trees, to awaken senses.  I felt like a child on an adventure.  I will carry my new perspective on my next trip into the less tamed world. Valerie Mowbray, RN, E-RYT500, SpecialEventYoga.com

Jill truly opened my eyes when I went on her Mindful Outdoor Experience. She brought us through the forest and out into a meadow, where she taught us how to use “owl eyes” (wide vision). My whole visual experience was enlarged, seeing and sensing more of my surroundings, and also noticing more of my inner landscape. It was fun, we laughed, discovered cool things, had really interesting insight. I highly recommend Jill’s MOEs! Stephanie Robb, Journey Illuminated

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