Immersion, connection, compassion.

Spending mindful time in nature can help us slow down, de-stress, and reconnect with the natural world and each other. Recent studies show what many cultures have know for generations: nature is good for us, and we can be good for nature. From lowering blood pressure to awakening and sharpening our sensory awareness, there are many benefits to nature immersion. Beyond the documented health benefits, connecting with nature can also help us experience joy, awe, and wonder; feelings we may have lost track of in our busy lives. But reconnecting with nature can also help us reach out to others, and to nature itself.

When we reconnect with nature, we begin a new relationship. By caring for ourselves through this immersion, we have a greater capacity to then take care of others in our lives, and to deepen our consideration, mindfulness, and caring for the world at large. By caring for ourselves, caring for others, and reconnecting with nature we become more compassionate, and a new reciprocity grows in the relationship: experiencing the benefits of nature immersion, and in turn caring for others and the more than human world.

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